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r t i s t    p r a c t i c e

I am a freelance well-being artist and contemporary drawer.


My process starts with rules and controls.  I control the quality of the paper, invest in pens that suit my mark-making and research an appropriate starting image.  As I start to draw within those rules, I feel calm and focused, then the rhythmic and incantatory motions take over my conscious thoughts.  This generates an (un)controlled and (un)planned image.


It intrigues me that the lines created by this process – whilst drawn on a 2D surface – create 3D landscapes, dreamscapes, mental escapes, or …..?


Reflecting on my practice, my purpose is to bring this mindful experience to others.  Therefore, I work with local charities and organisations to deliver well-being art courses to adults with mental health conditions.


I take motivation and reference from artists who also, either fill the page with subconscious, intricate marks, like Madge Gill and Unica Zurn, or use rules like Bridget Riley and Sol LeWitt.


Responding to the text “Line Let Loose:  Scribbling, Doodling and Automatic Drawing” by David Maclagan, I challenge myself to consider the psychology of ‘meta-doodling’, which leads to a richer purification of my work.

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