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b o u t    I L L    U I N N E L L


A black and white head and shoulders shot of a smiling lady with long blonde hair looking right.

Gill is a freelance well-being artist and educator, working and volunteering with local charities and education settings in the arts sector, focusing on social action, education and well-being.

She has experience in many techniques and media, with contemporary drawing being her specialism.  Her current work includes:


Gill's drawing process uses rules and controlled, almost identical lines to create an unplanned image.  She chooses archival quality paper and pens, and a pertinent starting image.

As she draws to her rules, she feels calm and focused, then the rhythmic and incantatory motions take over her conscious thoughts.  It intrigues her that these lines – whilst drawn on a 2D surface - create 3D land-scapes, dream-scapes, mental e-scapes, or …..?



Creativity has been a constant in her life; during her careers in the Finance and Education industries, and raising a family, she painted and drew for pleasure.


Despite difficulties with her mental well-being, she took the opportunity to focus on her creative abilities.  Gill completed the foundation Diploma in Art & Design at Milton Keynes College before enrolling on the degree course.


At university, Gill has been afforded the time and space to investigate her skills and experiences, question her preconceptions, push her boundaries, then hone her resulting strengths.  During these studies, she took inspiration and reference from artists relevant to her work. 


Examples include those who also fill the page with subconscious, intricate marks, as did Madge Gill, used rules such as Sol LeWitt, or theorise on the present-ness of the artist, like Marina Abramovic and David Maclagan.

Current position

Now, Gill is in the fortunate and well-placed position to bring her learning to others also affected with mental health challenges, by delivering well-being workshops for local social action groups and charities, volunteering at art-based support groups and running private classes.

To see more of her work, or for commission, workshop and project enquiries, please contact Gill using the 'Class' section of this website.

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